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terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2006

147) As 25 melhores matérias do The Globalist em 2005

Gostaria de recomendar um site, claramente identificado com as tendências globalizadoras de nossa época, que traz matérias novas uma vez por semana, pelo menos, The Globalist, que pelo nome já diz tudo.

Em 2 de janeiro de 2006, o site traz uma seleção das 25 matérias que seus editores consideram como as melhores de todo o ano de 2005.

The Globalist's Top 25 Stories of 2005
By The Globalist, Monday, January 02, 2006
Our features in the year 2005 offered an intriguing mix of both the personal and the more general. From one Pakistani woman's experience studying in the United States to a wider history on nuclear weapons, 2005's features ran the gamut. Here are our selections for the best 25 features published on The Globalist in the year 2005.

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Listo aqui essas matérias:

1. Stunning Role Reversals in Pakistan
Why has it become relatively easier for Pakistani and Middle Eastern women to study abroad compared to their male counterparts?
By Sukaina Taqi

2. Europe's Social Democrats, Solidarity and Muslim Immigration
How might decreased immigration help Europe in assimilating newcomers?
By Wouter Bos

3. A Brief History of the Nuclear Age
Has progress been made since the beginning of the nuclear age in reining in these weapons?
By Joseph Cirincione

4. Why China Loves Globalization
Why is China's President Hu Jintao upbeat about future economic and political reform?
By Hu Jintao

5. Living Between Three Worlds
How has one man's life living between various times zones shaped his views on globalization?
By Sujan Pandit

6. Belgium's Muslim Beggars
How do Muslim communities living in the West view each other?
By Muqtedar Khan

7. Nehru’s Vision for India and China
Can India and China work together to re-create the vision of a powerful Asia?
By Gillian H.L. Goh

8. An American Woman in Iran: The People
What does an American find out about the people of Iran on her first trip there?
By Janet Larsen

9. Yellow Fever and Globalization
Back in the 17th century, were pandemics also transmitted by birds?
By John R. McNeill

10. The Women Who Ruled the Mongol Empire
In what ways did women centralize and expand Genghis Khan's vast empire?
By Jack Weatherford

11. Kyoto’s Statute of Limitations?
Is the Kyoto Treaty meaningless without a follow-on agreement?
By Annie Petsonk

12. AIDS in South Africa: Not Living, Not Dying Alone
How does HIV/AIDS shape the personal decisions of truckers in South Africa?
By Annamarie Bindenagel

13. Trekking Through China
How has development progressed in coastal versus inland China?
By Subbiah Lakshmanan

14. South Carolina and Globalization
What is one university in South Carolina doing to educate the next generation of world leaders?
By Pamela Martin

15. The Dayton 10: Lessons of War and Peace
What lessons has the world learned about post-conflict situations since the Dayton Accords?
By Wolfgang Ischinger

16. What Really Ails Europe (and America): The Doubling of the Global Workforce
How are workers from emerging markets changing the global economy?
By Richard Freeman

17. My Passage from Washington to New Delhi
Just how great are the differences between the U.S. and Indian capital cities?
By Kaiser Zaman

18. The Project for a New European Century
How is the European Union's model going to change global interaction in the 21st century?
By Mark Leonard

19. Global Trade at a Crossroads
What harsh lesson did history teach us about global cooperation?
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann

20. The Water Century
Why have water scarcity and sanitation become truly global problems?
By Steven Loranger

21. Dublin Swings
After several remarkable years of economic growth, is Dublin the same old city it used to be?
By Martin Sieff

22. India: A Hub for Globalization
Is India really ready to play a central role in the global economy?
By Raghuram G. Rajan

23. Which Pacific Century?
Which Asian country will prove most influential in the 21st century?
By Daniel Lian

24. Dateline Nigeria — Tomorrow Can Wait
How does an eight year-old boy get by on the streets of Lagos?
By Adesola Orimalade

25. Baghdadis and Washingtonians
Do residents of Iraq's capital have a right that D.C. residents can only dream of?
By Ilir Zherka

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