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63) PRA books (15): The old wild bunch of brazilianists...

This comprehensive and sweeping assessment of Brazilian studies in the United States examines trends and perspectives, providing an overview of the writings by the foremost U.S. scholars of Brazil since 1945.
"The Development of Brazilian Studies in the United States" provides an overview of Brazilian Studies in North American universities. "Perspectives from the Disciplines" surveys the academic disciplines that cultivate Brazilian studies: Portuguese language studies, Brazilian literature, art, music, history, anthropology, Amazonian ethnology, economics, politics, and sociology. "Counterpoints: Brazilian Studies in Britain and France" places the contributions of U.S. scholars in international perspective. "Bibliographic and Reference Sources" offers a chronology of key publications, an essay on the impact of the digital age on Brazilian sources, and a bibliography.

Envisioning Brazil: A Guide to Brazilian Studies in the United States
Marshall C. Eakin and Paulo Roberto de Almeida (editors)
(Madison: Wisconsin University Press, 2005, 536 p.; 6 x 9; ISBN: 0-299-20770-6)

Table of Contents:
Brazilian Studies in the United States: A Project in Development
Rubens Antônio Barbosa
Envisioning Brazil and Brazilianists
Marshall C. Eakin and Paulo Roberto de Almeida

Part One: The Development of Brazilian Studies in the United States
1. Trends, Perspectives, and Prospects, Paulo Roberto de Almeida
2. Research on Brazil in the United States, Robert M. Levine
3. Teaching Brazil in United States Universities, Theodore R. Young

Part Two: Perspectives from the Disciplines
4. Brazilian Portuguese Language and Linguistics, Carmen Chaves Tesser
5. Literature, Culture, and Civilization, K. David Jackson
6. Arts and Music, José Neistein
7. History, Judy Bieber
8. Ethnology, Janet M. Chernela
9. The Brazilian Economic System through U.S. Lenses, Werner Baer & Roberto Guimarães
10. Political Science and Sociology, Marshall C. Eakin
11. International Relations, Scott D. Tollefson
12. Geography, Cyrus B. Dawsey III

Part Three: Counterpoints: Brazilian Studies in Britain and France
13. The British Contribution to the Study of Brazil, Leslie Bethell
14. Comparative Development of the Study of Brazil in the United States and France, Edward A. Riedinger

Part Four: Bibliographic and Reference Sources
15. A Chronology of Brazilian-U.S. Relations and Academic Publications, 1945-2002, Paulo Roberto de Almeida
16. Brasiliana in the United States: Reference Sources and Documents, Ann Hartness
17. Selective Bibliography, Paulo Roberto de Almeida

Notes on Contributors

Marshall C. Eakin, professor of history at Vanderbilt University and the executive director of the Brazilian Studies Association, is the author and editor of several books, including Tropical Capitalism: The Industrialization of Belo Horizonte and Brazil: The Once and Future Country.

Paulo Roberto de Almeida is a Brazilian diplomat and the author of several books on economic international relations and the diplomatic history of Brazil, including Une Histoire du Brésil: Pour comprendre le Brésil contemporain and Le Mercosud: Un marché commun pour L'Amérique du Sud.

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"A 'state of the art' collection on Brazilian studies—I know of no book that attempts to do what this book does. It lays out themes and issues that advance the scholarly understanding of South America's largest and most important nation."—Margo Milleret, University of New Mexico

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